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Shiloh Counseling Services


***Now offering Alpha-Stim technology for treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia! Learn how Shiloh is utilizing Alpha-Stim technology to assist our clients.

Who Do We Serve?




What Types of Counseling Do We Provide?

   Individual counseling

   Couples or marriage therapy

   Family therapy

What Can We Help With?

   Behavior problems

   Depression and Anxiety

   ADHD and ADD (Diagnosing and coping)

   Autism (Diagnosing and parental coping)

   Children's temper tantrums and aggression

   Parenting skills

   Adjustment issues

   Lack of motivation and direction

   Social issues/social skills

   History of abuse or neglect

   Emotional issues

   Relationship and communication issues

   Recovering from an affair

   Low self-esteem

   Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness



   Major life transitions

   Spiritual issues


   Stress management

   Anger management

Common Questions
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