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Alpha-Stim price list

Alpha-Stim Prices for Shiloh Clients:

Free 20 or 40 minute treatment during a paid counseling session with your therapist.

On-site treatment at Shiloh: (Not during counseling)

  • 20 minutes - $10
  • 40 minutes - $15
  • 60 minutes - $20
  • You must schedule with the receptionist (generally available between 10am and 3pm), or with your own therapist.
  • Only available after one session done with your therapist during counseling.

One month home rental: $100

  • Credit card on file required, with an initial deposit of an additional $200, which is refundable upon return of the machine, within one month.  (For a total initial payment of $300).  If the machine is not returned to Shiloh within one month, an additional $500 will be charged to your credit card.

Purchase your own Alpha Stim: $800

  • No payment plans are available.
  • Rental fee and deposit will be applied toward the purchase price.


Alpha-Stim Prices for Customers who are not Shiloh Clients:

Customers who want to use/rent/buy an Alpha-Stim, who do not also want counseling will need to have an appointment with a therapist to receive training on the machine, and to assess for contraindications and safety.  One half hour session will be required, at $40.  If an Alpha-Stim is purchased, the $40 is waived.  Otherwise, the $40 covers the training and assessment, and a 20 minute treatment, and then allows the customer to schedule further on-site treatments as desired.   (If the machine is rented, the customer will pay $340 at the time of rental.  If the machine is returned within a month, the customer will receive $200 refund.  If the machine is purchased, the full $340 will be applied to purchase price, and the remainder of $460 will be charged to the credit card on file.)