Young Adult Counseling

Young Adult

It is finally here; you are 18, and many of these situations are coming true:

- Going off to college.

- Moving out of your parent's house.

- Getting your first job.

- Having an independence that you have never had before.

This time should be the most exciting of your life, but sometimes, things happen and do not quite go according to plan.

Young Adult Counseling Will Not Tell You What to Do.

The last thing you need in therapy is another parent telling you what you should or should not be doing. Instead, therapy, especially as a young adult, is meant to focus on you developing into an independent and well-functioning adult. Therapy will likely entail you and your counselor examining the values and beliefs you developed as a child and how you are questioning some of those beliefs. Your therapist will also challenge you to consider various outcomes to situations, choices, and circumstances you have never experienced.

Regardless of your situation, the overarching goal of young adult counseling is to support you no matter what phase of life you are in, be that a new college student or married with your first or fourth child. Therapy is meant to support you in experiencing happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind in your decision-making as you begin this new and exciting phase of your life.

Adulting is Hard.

From coffee mugs to artsy pictures, the saying "adulting is hard" is something you once laughed at, but now the realization of that statement has come to pass. While the statement is true, you should know this: you have never been an adult before, so why should you know what to expect around every corner? There are countless situations, freedoms, and opportunities that you are experiencing and are not quite sure how to handle them, what is right or wrong, and what the outcome of a situation might be.

Parents and family members are still nearby and can be supportive for some young adults. For others, you may have moved across the United States or come from a different country. And finally, you may just not want to talk to your family about your situation. Whatever your situation is, making decisions about your life, relationships, and career can be challenging. Still, you do not have to make them alone.

By seeking counseling as a young adult at Shiloh, your therapist will walk with you as you learn the ins and outs of becoming an adult, understand life without your parents constantly being there, and truly discover who you are and your potential. If you are a young adult trying to figure things out independently and unsure where to turn, see us at Shiloh, and let us help you find your path.

You May Begin to Challenge Your Family's Norms, Values, and Beliefs.

As you enter young adulthood, you will encounter people with vastly different beliefs and experiences than yours. This is inevitable, and being prepared to challenge what we have learned throughout childhood can be difficult. As you experience these challenges, you must be prepared to process and understand your values and beliefs and how those can shape your choices, relationships, and decisions as you develop into your own person.

It is also important to recognize that it is okay to challenge what others tell you. Not all values and beliefs will fit with who you want to be as a person, spouse, or friend, which is okay. Through counseling, you will be able to voice your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to different values and beliefs and be given guidance on applying them to your life in a welcoming and non-judgmental way.

Being a Young Adult Comes with So Many Changes.

If you are between 18 and 30, welcome to young adulthood! During these 12 years, many of you will start college, move away from home, start a family, and begin your career. There are so many changes, challenges, and adjustments that you will have to make for the first time during this time of your life, and you should be able to enjoy it. There will be inevitable struggles and difficulties, from finances to break-ups and marriage. With so many changes, getting overwhelmed and feeling lost is easy.

For most young adults, you will experience these challenges for the first time, and without the guidance of your parents to tell you what to do. This can be both exciting and scary, as sometimes you may make a decision only to see that it was not the best and not be sure what to do next. First, know this: it is okay. You will make mistakes, and that is okay. If you are a new parent and realize that you and your partner never talked about how to raise your child, it is okay. If you do not know what to do with your life or college education, it is okay. You are not alone and

Here at Shiloh, we are here to support you no matter where you are in your young adult life. We are here to help you process, examine, and prepare to move forward from these mistakes and use the lessons learned to better prepare for the future. If you are looking for guidance and unsure where to turn, our therapists at Shiloh are here to support and walk alongside you during this exciting and challenging time.

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