Wellness Consultations


Shiloh Counseling Services now offers Wellness Consultations!  Mental Health and Physical Health are vitally interconnected.  For example, the link between a healthy gut microbiome and mental health is extremely strong.  It is important to treat the whole body in order to get the brain healthy.  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be addressed with natural supplementation.  Relief from mental health symptoms can be achieved through addressing gaps in physical health. 

Rachel Maples, RN, MSN, is our Wellness Consultant.  Click here for more info!

Rachel specializes in Nutrition for Mental Health.  Rachel's passion is Wellness Care where she seeks to help people to be healthy and feel good in all aspects of their lives.  As humans, our mind / body connection is very important to overall health and wellness.  Rachel offers guidance on:

  • Nutrition & Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Physical Activity 
  • Natural Supplementation for mental health symptoms 
  • Boosting Immunity 
  • Weight Loss

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