Family Therapy

Family Therapy

In many ways, it is our family that shapes who we are, what we believe, and how we interact with one another – for better or for worse! As life happens, changes and challenges are an inevitable part of life for all families, but that does not make difficult situations any easier. The good news is that family therapy can see you and your family create new and meaningful understandings and behaviors that foster happiness, connection, and love.

When Should We Seek Family Therapy?

  • Has your family experienced an unforeseen challenge?
  • Have you and your children been in conflict more than you would like?
  • Are there times when it seems you have lost connection with your children?
  • Has your family recently moved, gone through a divorce, or welcomed another family member into your home?

These are just a glimpse of the common struggles many families experience. In family therapy, you and your therapist will work to understand the current situation and examine each person’s perspective before starting the process of growth and healing. Conflict, disagreements, and arguments happen in every family, but sometimes these problems persist and seem to get worse without getting better. Family therapy may be the solution your family is looking for.

What If I Have a Blended Family?

This is a great question that many people have when considering seeking family therapy. As with any relationship, growing pains are common and should be expected, but sometimes problems persist or begin causing problems between siblings, stepchildren and stepparents, and children and biological parents. No matter your family make up, family therapy can guide you and your family towards a united, connected, and healthy family system.

What Does Family Therapy Look Like?

In a family therapy session, you and your therapist will work in a holistic manner to address the problems you all are currently facing. The great part about family therapy is the more the merrier! Some family therapy session can include children, parents, and grandparents all in the same room working together to create change and understand the current obstacle. In a typical session, there are several strategies that will take place with some of them being:

  • Creating new communication skills
  • Developing an understanding of your loved one’s perspective
  • Learning how to effectively resolve conflict
  • Active participation from all family members to support thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

No matter the situation you and your family are facing, you should never be without hope, and family therapy may be the solution. If you are unsure if family therapy is right for you, our therapists at Shiloh are here for you. You and your family should experience life to the fullest and enjoy coming home to see one another. If you feel like your family is getting further apart or constantly arguing, we at Shiloh Counseling are here to support you and your family.


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