Rachel Maples, RN, MSN

Rachel Maples

Rachel graduated from Texas Tech University with her Bachelor’s in Nursing and West Texas A & M with her Master of Science in Nursing. Rachel is a licensed Registered Nurse. With a background in Labor & Delivery, Pediatrics and Family Practice Rachel has extensive experience working with people of all ages. Rachel’s passion is Wellness Care where she seeks to help people to be healthy and feel good in all aspects of their lives. Areas such as nutrition, exercise, natural supplementation, stress reduction techniques, and a personal relationship with God are all important aspects of life that Rachel explores with her clients. As humans our mind / body connection is very important to overall health and wellness. Rachel is currently accepting new clients. 

Rachel will help each client investigate possible nutritional deficiencies and uncover how these deficiencies contribute to symptoms like depression or anxiety.

The link between a healthy gut microbiome and mental health is extremely strong.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is deficient in beneficial gut bacteria and several other key components that lead to a healthy mental state.   Rachel can help each individual pin point foods and supplements that correct these deficits, leading to improvements in mood and cognitive state.

Call or text 806-794-3232 to schedule an appointment.

An initial consultation is $100, while follow ups are $80

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